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Gambling addiction. Personal history

Gambling addiction. Personal history

Today a huge number of people suffer from gambling addiction. Often this can lead not only to lost money, permanent bad mood or even depression. One of the most frequent consequences is called even more terrible addictions – alcoholism and drug addiction, which can lead to the destruction of a person’s life. The same thing happened to me.

How it all began

What is meant by gambling addiction? In this area, you can easily include bets on various sports, casino games, constant purchases of lotteries and similar promotions, and there you can also include the game in pincer machines, where you need to pull out a prize.

I started out by betting on sports events that my older brother introduced me to. I was well versed in this area and thought that you can consistently make money just on your instinct and luck. And so it happened the first time, while studying at the institute, I earned from my scholarship on the then expensive iPhone 5s.

However, only losses went further. All the money that I received from part-time jobs, scholarships, what my parents sent me – everything went to the bookmaker’s offices. Then, disappointed in myself and in this category of gambling, having collected the money donated for my birthday, I went to the online casino website for the first time. Oddly enough, the rule “newbies are lucky” proved its essence this time too. The money that was kindly transferred to my virtual wallet would be enough to buy an old car. But this is the essence of the excitement – not a single ruble of that win was spent on oneself or loved ones, since in the desire to win even more, the money was given back to be devoured by the casino. I will not describe the ups and downs, everything is clear. When every penny was lost, I started to go into debt. From that moment on, to relieve stress a little, I started smoking. This is a classic story of any person who has come this way, but my ending can be called a Happy End.

After about a year of my existence in the gambling sector, I had debts of about 30 thousand zlotys, which, for a student working as a deliveryman, is a fairly large amount. I earned 1000 zlotys, and decided for the last time, at random, to throw them into one casino that I found on this site. You cannot call it some kind of pattern or fate, since it all depends on luck and luck. I was lucky that day. I was able to win a little more than my debt. From that moment on, my life began to improve.

Based on my experience, I no longer borrow or lend, I work by education and enjoy life, although I have not stopped smoking. But it’s not that simple. A person who once fell ill with such a terrible disease as gambling addiction will never recover. This is an incredible feeling of gain, the annoyance of losing that penetrates all the cells of the body, relief when he did not lose money, but returned it back to the card. Only with experience does a person learn to limit himself, and he also manages to stop at the right moment.


How to prevent

I believe that passion is a terrible thing, because if a person with a weak character falls into these networks, then there is no alternative to go to the bottom. In order not to repeat the path of some people, you should protect yourself and your loved ones from temptations.

Easy Money

All advertisements that lure people to bookmakers, online casinos promise easy winnings and incredible increase in your funds. You may be lucky, and the first time you lose, and, accordingly, the desire to play will disappear. But not everyone is lucky. Therefore, if you suddenly won a large amount of money, put it on your card and buy yourself or your family an expensive gift, and forget about such games. Alternatively, if you notice signs of addiction among your friends or acquaintances, try to have a conversation with them and prevent the addiction from beginning.

Licensed casinos

I have only played in licensed casinos in Poland. Here you can withdraw the won money. And most of these casinos give start bonuses, you can look at the list on this resource – //


Nowadays, many bookmakers and casinos have their own online sites, so when buying any gadgets, I advise you to deny access to all gambling sites and sports betting from the very beginning, so that someone from your family does not stumble upon such resources.

Fun pastime

I have heard many stories that a person’s addiction began not with a desire to make money, but with a banal need for fun and relaxation, which is especially true for casinos. Of course, you will get pleasure when you lose a small amount of money, comforting yourself that it is payment for the fun. But when you have multimillion-dollar debts, you will have no time for entertainment. Therefore, if you want to have fun – go to an amusement park, do not tempt fate.

How to beat addiction?

If you are already an avid gambler, then, unfortunately, you cannot defeat the addiction in any way. This is one of the features of this area, those emotions that you have already experienced, you cannot replace with anything that is permitted in this world. However, there are ways to limit you from big losses and debt.

  1. Ask your very good friend to send him electronic money for safekeeping. This is one of the simplest steps, because if you have any electronic money, the temptation to go in and lose it is very large, and a friend in no case, under any persuasion, will have the right to transfer money to you for the game, and he will do it for your own good.
  2. Try to cash out all your winnings immediately and put them in the bank at interest. It is worth extolling cash as something sacred, that in no case should you go to an ATM and digitize it back to play with bookmakers or in a casino. Thus, you will learn how to save your existing electronic money, as well as get small interest and the opportunity to make high-value purchases after a while.
  3. If you do not believe in yourself, or simply do not have the willpower, then blocking your ip address on all sites of such a subject will be one of the decisive steps, since this will delay your losses at least not for a long time, and will also increase the likelihood that your addiction will go somewhere else and it will help you.

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Of course, any addiction can lead to irreversible consequences. But it is always worth remembering that you are not alone, that you have friends and family ready to support you in any situation and help you overcome any crisis. If you want to get rid of the power of any ailment over yourself, then contacting a specialist will be one of your best decisions. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Thanks to all !

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